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  • Microcontents (1)Microcontents (1)

    A web page can be reached in many ways. In any case, it must be able to tell something about itself and the whole site.

  • Zen and the art of rankingZen and the art of ranking

    Zenukers has chosen, as basis of its own project, to follow the W3C rules, producing pages with semantic and valid code.

  • Site structureSite structure

    The placement of the elements in the site pages is made through an easy interface, intuitive and settable.

  • Community toolsCommunity tools

    Being in the net means to communicate. Zenukers delivers a whole area of the panel to interact with users.

  • Tools and utilitiesTools and utilities

    To manage a site means to have the right tools. Zenukers offers a set of tools that have been created to do it easily.

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  • CreditsCredits

    The creators of Zenukers, but we also wish to thank the authors of all scripts used in our Open Source CMS.

  • Accessibility policyAccessibility policy

    Policies accessibility Each page of the site meets the criteria of WCGA 2.0.

  • SitemapSitemap

    Sitemap web fully accessible, with tabindex and accesskey available for handicapped users Accessibility WAI AAA.

  • Zenukers CMS Alpha 1.2Zenukers CMS Alpha 1.2

    Download the 1.2 alpha version of open source cms Zenukers accessible, semantic, valid XHTML 1.1, made under GNU GPL.

  • Zenukers CMS AlphaZenukers CMS Alpha

    Download the alpha version of open source cms Zenukers accessible, semantic, valid XHTML 1.1, made under GNU GPL.

  • Zenukers CMS HandbookZenukers CMS Handbook

    The first version of the Zenukers CMS opensource manual, in PDF format, ready to be downloaded.

  • Zenukers' spotZenukers' spot

    A video-spot animation to present our semantic Content Management System. The Zenukers' mascot performs for you.

  • Alpha version 1.2 releasedAlpha version 1.2 released

    Some fixed bugs, some updatings, some new tools. Zenukers optimization goes on, with a new release.

  • Google +1 in ZenukersGoogle +1 in Zenukers

    Zenukers really pays attention to indexing and ranking on search engines. We want our CMS to be on the cutting edge.

  • The forum is onlineThe forum is online

    We've got a brand new piece of the Zenukers project, Open Source, Accessible and Semantic CMS: the forum is online.

  • 100% Page Speed100% Page Speed

    Developing Zenukers, we followed with maniacal attention validations and testing, achieving encouraging results.

  • Climb the SERPClimb the SERP

    Why Zenukers is SEO friendly? Easy. Its structure sends to the engines crawlers the right news, in the right way.

  • Get the web your wayGet the web your way

    The philosophy of the Zenukers project is to create a scalable tool, able to adapt itself to its user.

  • Semantic and accessibleSemantic and accessible

    Zenukers CMS is focused on the semantic web, accessible, W3C validated as XHTML 1.1 and usable. With graphics tableless CSS.

  • A new  CMSA new CMS

    Zenukers Why? Can a Content Management System to offer high performances in terms of accessibility and SEO indexing and ranking?